Author Vladimir Megre has said:

“Flowers make people better and happier; it is the sun, the penis and the medicine for the soul. Plants are the letters that our Creator writes! ”

What is Flowers Of Joy?

I am the founder of Vaida – Flowers of joy. I worked for a furniture company. I saw that the job was not for me, I wanted to change everything, but like many other people’s lives, I was hindered by one essential thing – fear. Fear of starting something new in life and not knowing where to start, whether it would work, or whether it was for me at all, although I had dreamed of creating flowers since I was a child. Having dreamed for a long time, I was determined to change and immersed myself in a different everyday life – creation and work with flowers. And only now did I feel that my choice was the right one because this activity gives me happiness. The happy faces of the customers and the expressed joy of the flower arrangement are my greatest appreciation and incentive to continue creating. Let us dream, create and do not stop to please those around us

Our products

Flowers of joy creates flower arrangements that can be purchased via our e-mail. the store is designed using professional materials and tools used by professional florists with many years of experience. Flowers, pots and additional elements are carefully selected because the company’s goal is quality and exclusivity. Only with us you can choose the flower arrangement you like, taking into account the color, type and quantity of flowers, and the flowerpot – emphasizing the uniqueness of the composition and the most suitable for the interior. At home, in the office, having or donating a flower arrangement created by us, you will get many admiration from the surrounding people.

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Flowers of joy flower compositions are created by professional florists with a lot of floristic knowledge, who love flowers and their work, constantly monitor global floristic trends, apply innovative and technologically advanced composition techniques, thus giving flower compositions a sense of longevity, individuality and quality. Our team always takes into account the client’s wishes, personal budget, the need to stand out, surprise and impress. We are always at your service!